The Pauling Lab - Computational Lipidomics

Our aim is to bring lipidomics to the playbook of systems medicine for the next generation of precision medicine.
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Dr. Josch Pauling

I'm a TUM junior research fellow and a ZD.B group leader at the Chair of Experimental Bioinformatics. My group works on computational lipidomics. We develop the platform LipiTUM and concentrate on analyzing and identifying lipid species in MS2+ spectra. Our aim is to bring the lipid metabolism on the playbook of systems biomedicine and, thus, to unravel novel kinds of targets for the next generation of precision medicine. I studied bioinformatics in Bielefeld, Germany, and worked as research assistant at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics. I gained my PhD for the University of Southern Denmark, and did a postdoc at the Humboldt University of Berlin in the lab of Edda Klipp.


Tim Rose

My name is Tim Rose. I'm a PhD student in the LipiTUM group. I received my Bachelor's degree in Quantitative Biology in Düsseldorf, where I did my thesis on equilibrium behavior of the Pentose Phosphate Pathway. After that, I worked on a master's project in modeling of radiation response of cancer cells to obtain a M.Sc. degree in Biophysics.
My research interests are analysis and modeling of multi-omics data, development of software tools for simulations/analysis and HPC. I think the utilization of multi-omics data is the key to infer the complexity of cells and get an understanding of how the different levels relate to each other and result in a specific phenotype. In my PhD project I work on data mining, analysis pipelines and the integration of lipidomics with other omics data.


Nikolai Köhler

My name is Nikolai Köhler. I'm a master student in Molecular Biotechnology at TUM with a special interest in bioinformatics and biochemical analytics. Through an internship at the University of Melbourne/Metabolomics Australia I gained practical experience in MS-based lipidomics analysis and the current computational and analytical challenges. I recently joined the group as a HiWi to participate in and contribute to ongoing collaborations and I will do a research project, in which I will develop a scoring method for spectrum matches for the LipiTUM platform.

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